Kingdoms of Erden

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Kingdoms of Erden is an fictional high-fantasy universe created by game designer Timothy L. Olinger.

The fictional planet of Erden, it's 13 moons and sun is the setting for the Kingdoms of Erden games.

The word Erden is the German word for Earth.

Mydgard is the continent central to the history and future of Erden. It is isolated from the larger continent of Grytgard by giant sea mining caterpillars known as Nern.

The games are set in a golden age of cultural diversity, with a mixture of medieval, renaissance and industrial lifestyles.​

Although the lore of Erden incorporates many factions of fantastic peoples, several human factions are central to the story. The Red and Blue factions are currently in conflict over their differing cultural beliefs.

The illustration of the blue Imelridh king bears a resemblance to the creator of the Kingdoms of Erden IP. The red Carnaros king shares the likeness of the creators brother.

Timothy L, Olinger seeks to create table-top games, books and other media that allows others to experience the exciting world of Erden.